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Anya Gray

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Like the intricate movements in a game, each article in Issue #30, entitled 'Playbook,' aims to equip you with nuanced understandings, shedding light on unexplored corners and revealing unspoken narratives of the world around us.


We kick off with the best of Tribune’s advice for our incoming freshers, after all, all of us in the team have been there and learnt some invaluable grains of advice across our time at UCL. We hope it is useful to you, or at least reminds you not to lose your student ID more than three times.


In Pecking Order, countries, firms and individuals scrabble to the top with the aim of untold success. First of the articles: travel through time as we unveil “The Immortal Temptation of Autarky.” Our guide, Khanh, adeptly traces its roots from Classical Greece to its contentious presence in the 2010s, emphasizing the intricate dance between sound economic decisionmaking and political drive.


Delve into a realm rarely explored—the very heart of prison economics—with Aadesh. In "A World within a World," witness the mesmerizing intricacies of inmate interactions, the barter systems, and psychological behaviours. It serves as a stark reminder that these closed environments aren't as detached from our broader society as one might think.


Next, enter the tumultuous realm of “The Chip Wars” with Charles, navigating the fraught waters of technological supremacy. Uncover the profound implications of the US-China tech standoff, its roots, and ramifications, all while emphasizing the pressing need for global cooperation.


Siya then transports us across continents to shed light on the “Great Indian Climb.” Dive deep into probability, societal structures, and the tantalizing allure of opportunities abroad. This piece offers a unique lens into the Indian diaspora's journey to worldwide recognition.


We now pivot to The Tortoise or the Hare?, in hopes of exploring the age-old tradeoff, where there is no one correct answer, only losses and gains. In “Can you save the forest? The Intricacies of Pre-employment Tests,” journey into the intricate world of pre-employment personality tests. Discover the nuances from their soaring adoption rates to the simmering legal and ethical controversies they bring to the fore. It stands as an essential read for those on both sides of the hiring table: the professionals and the hopefuls.


Our expedition continues with Nim, who provides a unique opportunity for prospective students in "Come to UCL, Study at UCLA (for a year) — Is The Year Abroad Programme Right For You?" Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of experiences offered to UCL students studying economics under the prestigious UCL's Year Abroad Programme. Traverse from the ephemeral beauty of Tokyo's cherry blossoms to the sun-kissed beaches of Sydney, unveiling the academic adventures that beckon. Then shift gears with Konstantinos as he addresses a pressing urban conundrum in "New homes have to be built somewhere, but how?" Through his keen insight, delve into the UK's housing quandary. He introduces the innovative concept of "Street Votes" as a potential solution, evaluating its implications for the ever-evolving landscape of urban growth.


Why all the Melodrama? perfectly sums up our next set of articles; from Britain to Hollywood, we find out if the theatrics are worth it. Saumya offers a reflective and witty piece that dives deep into the very essence of the British spirit. In "Chin up Britain, there are better days yet," Saumya unravels the fabric of the British psyche, probing into our nation's inclination towards pessimism. Through a vivid lens, the article ties this predisposition to its broader implications on economics and popular culture. As the journey unfurls, one is reminded of the timeless adage: Hakuna Matata.


The spotlight then turns to Hollywood, where Nim presents a gripping account in "Lights out in Tinseltown: Will The Actor’s Strike Be Hollywood’s Next Flop Or Hit?" Dive headfirst into the tumultuous narrative of the recent SAG-AFTRA strike, pulling back the curtains on Hollywood's tumult over residuals and the imminent challenge posed by AI. At its heart, the piece raises the stakes, questioning the very future of the glitzy Tinseltown.


Concluding our array of enlightening pieces is Safeena's "Election Emissions: When Climate Becomes the Ballot’s Burning Issue." Navigate through this insightful work which seamlessly interlaces politics with the urgent matter of climate change. The spotlight is cast upon the pivotal decisions of powerhouse nations like the UK, US, and UAE, underscoring the global implications of their choices.


With such a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from history to the nuances of employment, Issue #30 truly stands as a testament to the Economic Tribune’s unwavering commitment to varied and incisive reporting. Our writers have left no stone unturned, weaving tales that not only inform but also entertain, enlighten, and engage our readership.


The title 'Playbook' was chosen intentionally. Just as in sports, where a playbook is essential in strategising for varied situations on the field, this issue aims to equip its readers with diversified knowledge, insights, and perspectives that can be leveraged in real-world scenarios. Behind the scenes, our tireless team has dedicated countless hours to ensure the accuracy, relevance, and clarity of each piece. This edition stands as a culmination of our collaborative efforts, passion, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.


A special note of gratitude goes out to the previous senior team, led by Manasa and her exemplary (and hilarious) group of editors, designers, marketers, and social directors. Their dedication and tireless efforts were recognized when they clinched the ‘Best Specialist Publication' award at the Student Publication Association national awards in 2023. Their benchmark of excellence remains a guiding light for our editorial board.


Moreover, a heartfelt congratulations to the team of the UCL Journal of Economics for successfully publishing their first issue. It's no small feat, and their accomplishment augments the spirit of academic inquiry and rigor at our institution.


As we move forward, exciting opportunities beckon. Soon, we will be opening up recruitment positions at the Tribune. Whether you have an affinity for writing, a keen eye for design, or a knack for marketing, we welcome you to join our dynamic team and contribute to the rich legacy of the Tribune.


To all our readers, new and old, we hope 'Playbook' offers valuable insights and thought-provoking reads. For those considering sharing their voice, our pages (and blog) are always open to all students.


Until our paths cross again in the realm of ideas and discourse, stay curious, stay informed, and keep challenging the status quo.


Warm regards,


Anya Gray

Director, 2023/24

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