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Notebook and Pen

Blog Submission

The Guidelines

Subject Matter: 
We encourage blog submissions to be on a topic that you are interested in, so there aren't any strict guidelines on what you should write about. Both data-driven pieces, and opinion-based works are more than acceptable.

All we require is that the subject matter lies somewhere in the sphere of politics or economics. Apart from that it's all up to you!
Word Count:
From the 42 open tabs on chrome to the 500 word paragraphs, it is easy to get swept by the heavy stream of ideas while writing your piece.

While we appreciate the effort, do remember that your submission must not exceed the word limit of
1000 words.
Appropriate citations and referencing is extremely important to avoid plagiarism.

We prefer that you add citations to the sourced sections of your article using Harvard style referencing.
Letter to the editor:
Did one of our correspondents miss a crucial argument in their latest piece? Or, has an article got you thinking about an interesting yet tangential issue?
The editorial team is open to any ‘Letters to the editor’ in response to our articles.
We would advise you to keep these letters under 500 words in order to give us adequate space to reply.

We would also like to stress that The Tribune is open to submissions from all individuals. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time writing an article or if you’ve been published before, you are a high-school student or finishing university.

While your article will be judged based on quality, don’t be too harsh on yourself and don't hesitate to press send.

Submit your piece:

To submit your piece email it to:

Some Requirements:

- Include a title to your article (or what article you are replying to for "Letter to the editor")

- Your article must by in the format of a MS Word Document

- Pictures are allowed, just make sure you cite your source and include a caption to explain its relevance


There is no specific deadline for the submissions!

We believe that this blog would provide all economic and political thinkers to promote dialogue in such subjects in this ever changing world. We will be accepting the articles throughout the year and will review them on a fortnightly basis.

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