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Dear Reader

Anya Gray

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Dear Reader,


Welcome aboard the latest voyage of the Economic Tribune, Issue 31, aptly christened "Turning Tides." 2024 marks a monumental election year where over 40% of the global population is poised to cast their ballots, the world stands on the cusp of profound change. In some countries, these elections will be transformational, heralding new governments, policies, and priorities. In others, the outcomes seem practically predetermined. At the Tribune, we've aimed to mirror the former scenario and use this year as a catalyst for transformation. Our horizon expands with a series of significant changes: a new website, a modernized logo, a refined image policy, and, of course, this brand-new issue. These changes are more than cosmetic—they symbolize our commitment to evolving with the times and continuing to provide thought-provoking, insightful journalism.


My heartfelt gratitude goes to Jingyi, our exceptional Chief of Marketing, whose creativity and dedication have been pivotal in steering this new course.


As always, we are grateful to the UCL Department of Economics for their continued support, as well as our curious correspondents, and talented design team. Special thanks goes to Data Visualisation Society for collaborating with us and making the statistics come to life.


In this issue, our compass points towards the ever-shifting sands of global dynamics, cultural exports, and the dark arts of finance, with a healthy dose of scepticism for the established order.


Eye of the Beholder dives deep into the aesthetics of economics, questioning whether beauty can indeed be orchestrated or if it remains a happy accident. David explores how South Korea has turned its pop culture into a formidable force of soft power, while Matty and Shania strip down the economics of fashion and fine art to their bare essentials. Aadesh ponders if humanity's starry aspirations are a reach for the cosmos or merely a costly daydream.


The Old World section peers through the looking glass at Europe, an aging continent grappling with the pace of change. From Alecsis’s examination of the EU's geopolitical fragility to Emily’s migration crossroads and Friedrich’s dissection of the rise of the German far right, we probe whether the Old World is equipped to respond to 21st century challenges. Konstantinos lights up the discussion Europe’s courtship with renewable energy, while Saumya offers a pre-emptive eulogy for Rishi Sunak's premiership.


Market Movers raises the stakes, with our correspondents dissecting the forces that twist and contort the financial markets. Ben takes a critical look at the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' culture, Arun reflects on Trump's market musings, and Charyl navigates Japan's central bank conundrum, whilst Charles examines why their policy remains a global outlier. Artemiy unveils the masquerade of credit rating agencies, and Siya, decrypts the cryptic allure of cryptocurrencies.


In Juvenoia, we turn the tables on generational panic. Ethan presents Santa Claus in an economic light far from merry, Atharva tackles sports and racism in Britain, and Xuanchen scrutinizes the predicament of Chinese youth. Ella exposes the USA’s failures in it’s battle against child poverty.


As the tides turn, so do we—ever cynical, ever witty, and ever committed to unearthing the stories that matter. Join us on this journey, where economics meets life, and where every article is a treasure waiting to be discovered.


Smooth sailing,


Anya Gray

Director, 23-24

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