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Economic Consulting Seminar


In the month of June, the External Relations division of The Economist’s Society held the first virtual careers event of the summer titled ‘Economic Consulting Insight Panel.’ The program involved a panel discussion involving our sponsors/partners FTI Consulting, Oxera, and RBB Economics, which was moderated by the Director of External Relations, Raed Altaf.

With over 80 sign ups, the event provided the perfect start to the summer for UCL Economics students interested in the field of Economic Consulting. Discussions took place based on entering the field of economic consulting, case study preparations, and the daily lives of an economic consultant.



  • Regarding Case study interview preparation, our panelists advised the attendees to not only practice case studies they find online on the websites of these firms, but also to learn how the firm they’re applying to individually approaches each case study in terms of structure and process.

  • About entering the field of economic consulting, our panelists advised the students to develop their quantitative abilities and statistical software skills such as Stata and R. Showing a demonstrated interest in Economics (Maybe by joining the Economist’s Society!) is always an added advantage to your application.

  • A point to note for the difference between management and economic consulting, one point to look at would be the increased role of knowledge about economic theory and applied methods in economic consulting. Some topics would be namely: elasticity, regression analysis, and statistical areas like variance!

Stay tuned for more events by EconSoc!


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