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The Economic Tribune has founded a research-focused peer-reviewed journal, the UCL Journal of Economics, alongside its existing magazine-style publication. This allows correspondents at the Tribune, as well as other students within the UCL Department of Economics to create and publish academically rigorous pieces of research. 

We believe that it will add value to our experience as students with the Department of Economics by offering us a chance to present the work we produce within and outside our modules.

Our guiding philosophy is in line with UCL’s research focused approach to education: to provide a platform to showcase the high quality work produced by students at the University.


The aim of the journal is to present research content that we believe should be recognised. As the content is the heart of the research, we would be willing to edit grammar or suggest edits to ensure a more comprehensive piece should we find promise in an article.

2022/23 Editorial Board

For more information, including author guidelines & FAQs:

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