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The Drayton Discourse: Martin Wolf on Globalisation, Journalism and recovering from COVID-19

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Economists' Society, UCL

The second episode of the Drayton Discourse featured the Chief Economic Commentator of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf. This blogpost gives a brief of what you could expect to hear in the interview! To view the full interview, tune in here:

As the world roils under the corona-virus pandemic, any economic discussion would be empty without gaining insights on the economic and policy side of the outbreak. Martin Wolf talks about globalisation and China, and how the virus will bring lasting changes in trade relations. Being an expert on Europe, he gives his views on Brexit and the EU crisis, covering everything from the German court ruling to the conundrum faced by the ECB.

Coming on to the ‘personal section’, you’ll get to know what drove him towards becoming a columnist, his wide-ranging career choices, and his views on media and its machinery!

The seminal thought experiment comes as a funny, intriguing twist in the interview. Watch as he travels back in time! What year will he choose? What event would he want to change?

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews by The Drayton Discourse, UCL Economist’s Society!


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